Monday, June 12, 2006

HEY everybody,

We are "Dream On" - a committee running a student-initiated CIP project, supported by Young ChangeMaker (YCM), CitiBank-YMCA Youth For Causes etc. Funds and donations collected go directly to our beneficiary - Straits Times Pocket Money Fund.

Aims of the project
1. To raise funds for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund to help needy students.
2. To encourage youths to take up a positive attitude while pursuing their dreams.

The reason why we chose the name "Dream On" is because the phrase can be interpreted in 2 different ways. Often, when people say "Dream On", they mean to tell you to give up. However, "Dream On" in our context has a total opposite meaning. We tell the youths to literally "Dream On" - to continue pursuing their dreams with a positive mindset, to take action and bring their dreams to live. Through the inspiring lyrics and youthful tunes that have been specially composed, we hope to convey the message - "Dream On and You Have Won"

Our project comprises several aspects. The main idea is to compile an original music album that will be sold to raise funds for our chosen VWO. The CD features - Eternal Loop (AJC), Charles (TJC), Krashed Lines, Black Forest, LGF, Tiet, and many more! 1550 copies of the album will be printed and sold to the public.

A Concert will be organized on the 22nd of July (from 6.30pm to 10.30pm) at DXO to showcase the songs. We have also invited guest performers such as Ronin, Lucid Vapour(VJC), Fatskunks, Glitched and more to join us at the concert. The albums will be sold at $15 each ( which includes a free entry ticket to the concert)

We are look for volunteers to do street sales of the albums at Orchard, Somerset, Esplanade, Raffles Place, City Hall, etc (check with us for more details)

At the same time, all volunteers will be given donation bags to collect donation from the public. Volunteers are needed on the following days:

June : 18th to 25th
July : 1st,2nd,8th,9th,15th and 16th
Shifts : 11am - 230pm and 230pm to 6pm

Volunteers are advised to come down for at least 2 or more sessions (can be on different days), and if possible be down on the 16th of July as we are bringing down all 500 volunteers on that day to do a mass sale and collection. Volunteers are to be in "Dream On" t-shirts while selling albums and collecting donations at all times.

Why should I volunteer?? Volunteers will walk away with :
1)Free Dream On T-Shirt
2)Free ticket to the concert
3)Free Goodie Bag
4)CIP hours certified by Straits Times Pocket Money Fund

If you are interested to be part of us, pls send a reply to this email with
1) Your Full Name
*2) I/C number
*3) School
*4) Contact Number (mobile phone)
5) The shifts/days that you are free to help out

* Information required for CIP hour certification
For further information, please feel free to contact Carmen at 98771614, or Rachel at 91599512Yours sincerely,Dream On Committee 2006

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